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Submission Format

All submissions must be formatted as follows:

  • 1” margins, left-justified
  • Times New Roman, 12 pt. (No other font.)
  • Italics, Bold, All Caps, and Underline for accent only, as appropriate
  • Double-spaced, with no extra lines added before or after paragraphs, except between submission and author bio
  • No subtitles
  • No Roman numerals
  • Single-space after periods
  • No photos or illustrations
  • Word count to be 500-6500 words, exclusive of header and author bio. Multiple submissions may be made by the same author (up to 3), with the total of all submissions to equal 6500 words at $10 per submission
  • The title and Author’s name shall be at the top of the page in a header
  • Submissions shall be in .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .odt files. No PDFs. No hand-written or typed & scanned submissions
  • Please attach (in a separate file) an author photo (head shot) that meets the size requirements of 1537 x 2475 pixels

No sexually explicit, graphically violent, or abusive content is allowed.

Author bios (optional) shall be submitted in the same document, placed after the short story, and shall not exceed an additional 250 words. Bios may include one hyperlink.

Please keep the submission and bio as one document.


Authors retain all rights to their work.

Editors have the right to correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation without prior notice to the author. Editors may (at their discretion) request corrections, changes, and re-submissions by the author for quality, consistency, and/or content purposes if time allows.



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