May 19, 2018 Program


Putting Core Writing Elements Into Place

Our May speaker, Rosa Latimer, says, “Behind the everyday discipline of writing there are core elements that you must have in place to enable you to be successful in telling your story.”

Her presentation will focus on these main points:

  • Organizing research
  • Keeping the story on track
  • Staying true to your purpose

No matter what you write, you have to have certain core elements. Almost every type of writing requires research—some more than others. Research can eat up your time. Often, we get so engrossed in little side roads that our story begins to meander, and we lose sight of the main reason for writing it.

Rosa will give us pointers and advice on how to stay focused on your goal. While most of her presentation will be on writing non-fiction, she’ll have basic information that will also help fiction writers.

She says, “Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, this information will help establish a simple, clear path to reaching your publishing goals.”

Bring pen and paper to takes notes.

* * *

Rosa has written a fascinating non-fiction series about Harvey House girls that are inspired by her grandmother who once worked in one of the famous restaurants and hotels that set up along the railroad lines. Each book is set in a different state. She’ll share entertaining stories from her books as well as her experience establishing and keeping a successful relationship with her publisher.

Besides being an award-winning author, Rosa is a playwright and an award-winning photographer. She’s also a writing consultant and teacher and has served on the faculty of the West Texas Writing Academy for the last two years.

Upcoming Programs

Our July Program will be a panel discussion with Indie Authors, including Natalie Bright, Ryan McSwain, Craig Keel, and Vickie Schoen.

Our September Program will be Robin Conley, the Book Doctor, who will present an all-day program.

Please mark your calendars and be sure to attend these events.

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