May 18, 2019 Program

SUBTEXT: The Often-Missing Ingredient That Can Make Your Fiction Richer

While carefully cooking up an intriguing plotline, true-to-life characters, and conflicts with obstacles at every turn, authors often don’t think about one very delicious storytelling ingredient that can take their writing to a higher, more complex (in a good way!) level. That ingredient is subtext, and it has the capability of drawing readers more deeply into the text, to a place at which they become involved with the writer in creating the story’s meaning.

In this program, Amarillo writer and editor Jennifer Archer will discuss:

  • The two different types of subtext.
  • The purpose(s) of subtext for plot, and the purpose(s) of subtext for characterization.
  • How to create subtext in your stories.
  • How subtext makes readers co-creators
  • Why readers love subtext (even if they don’t know it).

An eclectic writer of women’s fiction, young adult fiction, and non-fiction, Jennifer was a finalist twice for Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart Award and was a finalist for that same organization’s Rita Award. She is the author of eleven novels, three novellas, several non-fiction works, and has edited and helped to develop numerous written projects for other writers. Her debut novel for teens, Through Her Eyes, was selected by the Texas Library Association for their TAYSHA reading list and for the Spirit of Texas Reading Program – Middle Grade. She is co-owner of Archer Editing & Writing Services, where she writes and edits stories for clients. A native Texan, she received a business management degree from West Texas A&M University.

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