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Introduction – Ricky Treon

Writers Block – Mike Akins

Remnants of Her – Kim Black

The Miracle – Linda Broday

A Flicker in August – Mary Cooke

Finn – Cheryle Cooper

Impossible Dreams – Dahna Danli

The Mower Incident – Bobbette Doerrie

Blood & Honey – Hunter Fithen

6 Stall Walk Through – Dean Guell

Challenge – Lynn Harper

The Beast – Ashley Hendrick

The Hooded Way – Lynette Jalufka

The Choice – Audrey Cannady Massingill

Footprints on the Heart – Phyliss Miranda

The Second Proposal – Ashlyn Parker

Saving the Water Aerobics Class– Mevanee Parmer

Roadside Crosses – Elise Phillips

The Problem of Suffering – James D. Quiggle

Failed Journey to Fiji – Janda Raker

Swedish Girl Powwows with Mountain Men – Betty M. Reeves

It Is Going to be Okay – Lou Sheldon

Old Fishing Rods Wanted – Lou Sheldon

Hunger – Coby C. Spurrier The Last Gasp – Rick Treon

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